13.03.2015 - Posted by : Black Dog Films

Former Swedish House Mafia members Sebastian Ingrosso and Axwell Hedfors are back! As Axwell Ingrosso they’ve just released two brand new videos; we showed you “On My Way” yesterday and today we’ve got “Can’t Hold Us Down” hot off the press!

Black Dog’s own Christian Larson wrote, directed and edited the videos so we gave him a call to find out what inspired him to shoot it in Bucharest, what it was like to work with a fight choreographer and how he managed to blow up a Volvo.

What was the inspiration behind the videos?
Axwell and Ingrosso told me they wanted to be in the video as actors which I got really excited about, and then we started to brainstorm some different concepts. I wanted to do something that wasn’t too serious, something we could really have fun with. So it ended up being a little gangster film. Obviously inspired by some classics.

How did it come to be filmed on location in Bucharest? 
I wanted the look of the film to be in a very particular way; distressed buildings and very colorful accents in the styling to pop out. I’ve always loved the look of the locations and cast you can find in Romania, so it was great we managed to film there. It came together really nicely. 

What was it like working with a fight choreographer? And how did Axwell and Sebastian take to beating each other up?
It was a first for me, but Patrick Vo the fight choreographer was so inspiring to work with. He really took the concept of the video to his heart and we collaborated really well into making the fight work with the guys. But getting the guys to fight was easier than expected, I guess every guy has always dreamed about being in a scene like this, and Axwell and Sebastian were really committed and spent time with Patrick and me to rehearse the choreography. 

What’s the most memorable thing that happened on set? 
I think it was blowing up that old Volvo in the end! We obviously only had one take and I really wanted to do that shot in a specific way. It worked, touch wood, thanks to the teamwork from the crew.

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