Antony Crook Spends a Saturday with Dr Woo for Mr Porter

09.03.2015 - Posted by : Black Dog Films

In his most recent film for Mr Porter, Antony Crook cruised around Los Angeles with Dr Woo.

Woo is a tattoo artist at renowned LA studio Shamrock Social Club, with a waiting list that’ll have you holding out past summer for some fresh ink.

The film is beautifully shot; taking you on a journey through the streets of LA all while giving you an insight into a weekend with the man himself. It’s another excellent chapter to the visually-stunning Saturday series for Mr Porter.

So how does Dr Woo spend his Saturday? Breakfast with his son, a chopper ride through the city, and of course we head into the studio to see Woo’s handiwork in action as he puts the finishing touches on an incredibly detailed, fine-line, monochrome piece that’s become his trademark.

Get acquainted.

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