Terence Neale Wins Best Music Video of 2015 at the One Screen Awards

03.03.2015 - Posted by : Black Dog Films

Congratulations Terence Neale! The Black Dog director’s incredible work creating Skrillex’s “Ragga Bomb” video has been awarded Best Music Video of 2015 at the One Screen Awards.

At the Awards, Neale thanked all those who worked on the video with him as well as Skrillex himself and the dance producer’s management team for allowing the shoot to happen in South Africa.

The video (which has 43 million views and counting!) depicts a future-dystopian Johannesburg; an aesthetic that Neale, who was born and bred in Johannesburg, has very much made his own. Neale’s appreciation of street culture grew from watching a ton of skate videos on VHS and loitering in the city’s parks growing up, and is very much prevalent in his work today.

Revisit the evocative close-ups, extraordinary dance battles and surprise lightsabers that made “Ragga Bomb” the award winning video it is!

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