ANTONY CROOK Ventures To Japan For Mr Porter

11.11.2014 - Posted by : Black Dog Films

Black Shadow is the subject of Mr Porter’s latest branded film courtesy of our own Antony Crook.

In case you haven’t heard of Black Shadow we’ll bring you up to speed on them and Zim, the lead in our film, “A Saturday With Zim From Black Shadow.” Black Shadow is a famous (or infamous) biker gang in Tokyo who reached their peak in the 1980s, with Zim as their lead. They dress like rock’n’rollers, clad in leather jackets and quiff hair-dos, taking a queue from UK fashion trends of decades past.

To borrow a quote from Mr Porter: “Black Shadows do what Japanese can only dream of: express themselves. Extravagantly. Unabashedly.” Antony Crook pays tribute to that in this intimate portrayal of Zim as he gets ready in the morning and goes to dance with his Black Shadow crew, preparing for an ultimate trip to the UK for their 35th anniversary.

The film is illuminating and par for the Mr Porter course, oh-so-very-stylish. Enjoy!

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