CHRISTIAN LARSON’s Haunting Ode To Seinabo Sey

22.10.2014 - Posted by : Black Dog Films

Seinabo Sey is our favorite Gambian-Swedish singer of the moment and a viewing of Christian Larson’s “Pistols At Dawn” should explain why.

With the soulful pipes that put our karaoke renditions to shame, Seinabo Sey has made a name for herself with hit tracks like “Younger” and “Hard Times.” And with a fresh EP off the presses, this gloriously haunting video (that could only come from the visually-minded Christian Larson working with Stockholm-based STANDART, amazing costume designer Ida Klamborn, and frequent collaborator/cinematographer Erik Sohlström) is all passion and impending doom – and just the right thing to set this sensation off running.

Enjoy (and if you can’t get enough, be sure to watch the Casper Balslev-directed “Hard Times” video, too)!

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