MICHAEL MULLER x Shark Week: We’re Shaking In Our Flippers

13.08.2014 - Posted by : Black Dog Films

Nobody does Shark Week like Michael Muller. We know it and so does the Discovery Channel, as they’ve given Michael free reign over their Instagram account for the week.

Michael’s photos of sharks are absolutely spectacular. He built custom rigs to take pictures of them in their native habitats, never swimming in cages, but instead wrapping himself in the shark colony – 150 to 200 sharks at a time.

We’re not going to dive in next to him, but we can pretend. Michael released an app called MullerPhoto (download here) that lets you add the effects he puts on his own pictures (both shark and celebrity). We’ll just sit comfortably in our non-shark-infested seats and add the effects now.

More on Discovery Channel’s Instagram and follow him directly at @michaelmuller7.

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