SOPHIE MULLER Double Trouble: Sophie Ellis Baxter and OneRepublic Coming Your Way!

05.06.2014 - Posted by : Black Dog Films

Sophie Muller is one busy woman and we couldn’t be more grateful for it. She drops two music videos this week that she directed and edited. That’s what we call a powerhouse.

First up we have OneRepublic’s “Love Runs Out,” filmed gorgeously against a soundstage, a desert scene in the background. Frontman Ryan Tedder dances against the backdrop, which alternates between beautiful natural storms and the frantic yellows and reds of the desert landscapes. Don’t miss it!

Second, we’ve got Sophie Ellis-Bextor’s gothic dream in “Love Is A Camera.” In this stunner, which could only have been directed by the brilliant mind of Sophie Muller, we see Sophie Ellis-Bextor in her haunted mansion atop a hill, a looming presence full of old photographs. As the music video progresses, Muller reveals Ellis-Bextor’s true MO: to take their photographs and trap them within her mansion which she haunts forever.

“Love Is A Camera” was shot on location in Florence in a gorgeous private home where we were able to stay during the full shoot. And if you’re wondering how the video looks so damned good, it’s because it was photographed by the lovely Robbie Ryan on the Black Magic camera, which is fast becoming our favorite.

Intrigued by both? Have at them:

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