DANIEL KRAGH-JACOBSEN and CASPER BALSLEV Bring It Home At The Nordic Music Video Awards

02.06.2014 - Posted by : Black Dog Films

While everyone else was busy not winning awards and sweeping the Nordic Music Video Awards, Daniel Kragh-Jacobsen and Casper Balslev were putting us all to shame by taking home four of the top honors at the inaugural Nordic Music Video Awards.

What did they win, you ask?

Daniel Kragh-Jacobsen nabbed Best Video, Best Director, and Best Performance (Actor) for our “All I Know” music video by Washed Out.

Meanwhile, Casper Balslev was rocking out the Best Performance (Artist) for Rosemary’s “I Know” along with Lasse Martinussen.

Pop those bottles, friends! And congratulations to Casper and Daniel; we couldn’t be prouder.

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