Adam Powell’s Day Out in Brighton for Example’s “One More Day (Stay With Me)”

27.05.2014 - Posted by : Black Dog Films

If only we could spend every day playing hooky through the streets of Brighton, playing games and riding bumper cars on the pier, shotgunning beers, eating fish and chips at local diners where we run into Elliot (Example) and then dancing our asses off at his show with backstage tickets that night. Throw in a good toilet snog and this quiet rainy day turns into the best night of our lives.

Oh wait! We can now through Adam Powell’s latest music video “One More Day (Stay With Me)” for Example. Adam takes us through this scenario, set against the electro beats of Example’s upcoming album (to be released next month).

Let’s all just live vicariously through “One More Day (Stay With Me).” Watch!

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