CYRCLE x AUDI: Uncompromised Portrait

17.03.2014 - Posted by : Black Dog Films
YouTube Preview Image

CYRCLE and Audi have paired up, and as you can imagine, the result is awesome. As the guys explain it in the video, it’s really just all about: “creating as much as you can…respecting the blessing you have.”

The branded content piece is stark black-and-white and gives the rundown on how CYRCLE started. A little bit of seed money gave way to a lifetime of creative and artistic inspiration and production, and we couldn’t be happier about it.

The video is part of the “Uncompromised Portrait” campaign, which includes several vignettes of likeminded people who refuse to compromise, taking risks in the name of what’s really important (tying it back to Audi’s ‘luxury uncompromised’ mantra).

Watch it, hashtag it: #PaidMyDues

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