CYRCLE hits London for “OVERTHRONE: Pooring Reign,” Their First Solo UK Show!

05.03.2014 - Posted by : Black Dog Films

Those CYRCLE boys clearly don’t know the meaning of the word vacation. Fresh off painting murals in Hawaii (and Hong Kong before that!), they jetted off to London to present “OVERTHRONE: Pooring Reign” which opens on Thursday at the StolenSpace Art Gallery.

The show “aims to explore symbols of power and the control over our minds” and “will unveil two new bodies of work within this overarching concept, ‘RULERS WERE MEANT TO BE BROKEN’ AND ‘SCRAMBLE FOR POWER.'”

So to your Brit friends, we say go! To everyone else, get on a plane if you can. Here are the deets: Opening reception takes place on Thursday, March 6 with cocktails at 17 Osborn Street. The show will run through April 6th. The gallery is open Tuesday through Sunday, 11AM to 7PM.

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