Aloha from Hawaii! CYRCLE. and James Jean Hit Honolulu for Pow! Wow! Hawaii!

20.02.2014 - Posted by : Black Dog Films

Fresh off painting buildings in Hong Kong, CYRCLE. jetted to Hawaii for Pow! Wow! Hawaii!, where alongside James Jean and a slew of other amazing artists, they painted the town red, green, blue, yellow, and so many non-plain colors. The city of Honolulu commissioned the Pow! Wow! Hawaii! project to transform the way-too-beige city, which according to architect Geoffrey Lewis makes it ā€œjust sort of blah.ā€

What do you do to remedy that problem? Well, you bring in the antithesis of blah, our boys at CYRCLE. and the immeasurably talented James Jean, to run wild on the walls of Honolulu. Check out the photos above (courtesy of Arrested Motion) and all of the info on their site.

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