KANYE Is Ablaze On The Cover of INTERVIEW MAGAZINE Shot By Steven Klein!

21.01.2014 - Posted by : Black Dog Films


In the intro to Steve McQueen’s interview with Kanye West he says: “Kanye West might be the most boldly talented and brazenly unpredictable pop star figure of his generation. He also might be the most embattled and divisive. But wherever there’s Kanye – and that’s increasingly everywhere – there’s bound to be fire.”

And our very own Steven Klein made that statement come to life in a bold, seductive, and yep, literally FIERY cover featuring everybody’s favorite we-love-him-but-we-kind-of-hate-him sensation, Kanye West. Check out the interview and pics here, or even better head on over to a news stand and pick yourself up a copy. You’re gonna want these images full page, full resolution. They’re that good.


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