TOM HINGSTON Premieres Anti-War Video for DAVID BOWIE’s “I’d Rather Be High”

06.12.2013 - Posted by : Black Dog Films

Today UK director Tom Hingston premieres the fourth David Bowie video to be released out of Black Dog this year! For “I’d Rather Be High (Venetian Mix [Wasted Edit])” off the expanded The Next Day album, Hingston creates a powerful visual featuring over 100 clips of archival footage from 20th century wartime.

Spectral glimpses of Bowie appear throughout the vintage footage, giving the grainy, distorted frames an all the more haunting quality.  Yet, interspersed with the images of bombings, gunfire, and gasmasks are snapshots of soldiers seeking to briefly escape the horrors of wartime through a bit of hedonistic pleasure.

Hingston artfully weaves the combat footage with vignettes of brief teenaged merriment, explaining, “David and I discussed exploring archival footage that brought to life another side of war – footage that featured soldiers celebrating; young servicemen and women, in moments of jubilation – drinking, dancing and partying.  These moments of total euphoria, juxtaposed with extreme violence, hopefully serve as a powerful reminder of the futility of war.”



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