LADY GAGA Unveils ‘Venus’ Album Artwork by STEVEN KLEIN

25.10.2013 - Posted by : Black Dog Films

Lady Gaga has released three new artworks designed and shot by Steven Klein for her latest single ‘Venus’, off of her much-anticipated album release ARTPOP.  The two artists, who previously worked together when Klein directed “Alejandro” and ‘Fame,’ reunited for a sequence of multiple dark-themed covers, which Gaga just revealed via Twitter.

The first shot shows a profile of the singer with powder-white hair and makeup, and a bloody gash on her chest, while a large scorpion perched dangerously on her face. The second photo is a curious aerial-view composition of a dark bat-like figure splayed out.  The third and final shot is a side-view of Gaga standing nude in a bathroom, her stunning figure and numerous tattoos on display, with an indiscernible object photoshopped over her mouth.

The three images were tweeted by Gaga along with a snippet of the upcoming single to get her Little Monsters even more excited for the full “Venus” experience.




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