02.10.2013 - Posted by : Black Dog Films

Little Minx/Black Dog Films director Ben Mor helms the return of vintage Britney Spears – sexy, edgy and fiercer than ever with the dazzling visuals for “Work Bitch.”  Last week, the pop star teased a 10-second clip on Instagram, before unleashing the world premiere for the club-ready single on the CW just minutes ago. Ben Mor, who worked previously with Britney on’s “Scream & Shout” video and the extremely popular Remix video, assures fans of Britney’s continued pop dominance (or dominatrixing, rather) with the edgy clip.

Shot over three days, we see the legendary Miss Britney Spears and her dancers against a variety of backdrops including a white stage in the desert as a Lamborghini drives past; solo on an island in a pool surrounded by circling sharks; and of course, against the backdrop of Planet Hollywood, to get fans even more excited about her impending residency.

“Work Bitch” leaves no doubt that Britney has assumed the position of Head Bitch in Charge.  The mother of two even explores a little bit of S&M in a leather bustier, with Britney annihilating a competitor with the crack of a bullwhip at one point.

Weaving these epic visuals together to relay the track’s theme, Ben Mor says, “We wanted to create the next phase of iconic Britney moments that really highlight the message of the song. With ‘Work Bitch,’ she’s letting people know that achieving the status that she has – the power, the luxury, even her physique – comes from putting in hard work and effort.”  He added, “In a sense, this is Britney reclaiming her throne. She’s earned her pop legacy and she’s reminding all these bitches that she’s still the queen, and showing them how it’s done.”

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