Attention, LOS ANGELES! The Completed CYRCLE x WOODKID Mural is EPIC

27.09.2013 - Posted by : Black Dog Films

Black Dog artists CYRCLE have raised the bar for Los Angeles street art with the completion of their epic Woodkid-inspired mural.

The collaborative piece is inspired by the story behind the music of fellow artist Woodkid, told through CYRCLE’s aesthetic. The collective says, “We connect deeply with the Boy in Woodkid’s films, forging our way through the world as artists navigating through the monsters of Los Angeles.”

CYRCLE explains their interpretation of the music’s themes in the painted sequences of the “Runboy” wall, ”The Woman represents the Boy’s mother, she is longing for the child she once had in her arms and worried about his safety and wellbeing out in the world. The Warriors represent monsters and obstacles along the Boy’s journey.”

If you’re in LA, you must witness the CYRCLE x WOODKID mural in person on Santa Monica Blvd just east of Highland. You won’t be disappointed.

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