DECLAN WHITEBLOOM + SKYLAR GREY Get Ridiculously Lucky with DAFT PUNK Cover Video

27.09.2013 - Posted by : Black Dog Films


Declan Whitebloom takes the title of Daft Punk anthem literally in the video for Skylar Grey’s cover version of “Get Lucky.”

Skylar’s rendition of the hit is the first in the VEVO’s new “Nissan Tracks” series, so it’s fitting that the singer/songwriter’s BEST DAY EVER begins when she wins a 2014 Versa Note on a game show. From there, Skylar nabs a check for a mini-golf hole-in-one, hears her own song go to No. 1, wins a slew of awards and carnival games, gets a wedding proposal from her (fireman!) boyfriend, and scores the unlikely fantasy of all Angelenos: hitting only green lights on the way to her Hollywood home.


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