MILEY Celebrates 150 Million Views of “WRECKING BALL” with TERRY RICHARDSON’s DIRECTOR’s CUT

25.09.2013 - Posted by : Black Dog Films

Miley Cyrus and director Terry Richardson have finally unleashed the Director’s Cut of “Wrecking Ball” as a thank you to Miley’s fans for helping her make video history and demolish the VEVO record – previously held by Miley herself – meeting 100 million views in only 6 days. The pop star promised via Twitter that she would unveil the alternate version of the sexy Black Dog-produced clip once the original reached 150 million views.

And while we was wondering what could possibly be more shocking than the 20-year old swinging from a wrecking ball nude, Terry and Miley have surprised everyone by replacing the provocative sledgehammer-licking and white undies with a more personal, emotional take on the song’s meaning.

We witness an extreme close-up of Miley breaking down and crying against a white background as she performs the ballad’s heartbreaking lyrics. It’s nearly four minutes with the pop singer putting her rarely-seen vulnerability out there, in the vein of Sinead O’Connor’s iconic video, “Nothing Compares 2 U.”  The only pull-away from the intimate display comes at the video’s end, when Terry Richardson himself makes an appearance, and we see Miley finally smile when putting on the director’s trademark black-frame glasses.





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