FLORIA SIGISMONDI + LAWRENCE ROTHMAN’s Chilling “#1 ALL TIME LOW” Premieres on Huffington Post!

17.09.2013 - Posted by : Black Dog Films

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Black Dog director Floria Sigismondi unleashes the grisly visuals for “#1 All Time Low,” the second single from musical artist Lawrence Rothman released on Floria’s signature imprint, Mamaroma Records. You’ve already seen the sort of haunting visual magic they create together with “Montauk Fling” – the tale of glamour and lunacy told from L.A.’s famed Chateau Marmont, in which Lawrence plays something of a deranged Liz Taylor.

In “#1 All Time Low,” we see the home of a battered and bruised Rothman be invaded by a trio of bored partiers showing no interest in his pained existence – or in anything that doesn’t light up. Sigismondi paints a grim vision of a mindless youth culture with various scenes showing bloody bathwater, spat-out teeth and Rothman fighting for air from the confines of a pink rubber tube.  It’s a gory presentation of a dulled dystopia where pain is met with indifference, perfectly paced to the song’s hypnotic, throbbing beat.

“#1 All Time Low” premiered exclusively on Huffington Post, with Lawrence Rothman giving insight into the chilling world he created with the celebrated Video of the Year director. “This video to cut to the chase, as everyone’s, including myself, attention span is about as long as a gif,” he adds. “It’s about me trying to do away with my adult jaded, cynical self and push through a rebirth of sorts, or an actual reintroduction to my inner ‘tween spirit’ — the part of me that doesn’t give a fuck and goes with the flow, like when you’re a kid and your parents are having a bitch-fest, but it doesn’t phase you because you’re too enthralled with building LEGO city.”


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