DIANE MARTEL Talks to Rolling Stone About MILEY CYRUS’ “Giant, F’-ed-up Selfie”

10.07.2013 - Posted by : Black Dog Films

With 62 MILLION views on YouTube and counting, “We Can’t Stop” still has everyone talking about Miley Cyrus’ trippy four-day house party directed by Diane Martel.  Rolling Stone got to talk to the Black Dog director about the influences behind the racy and random images captured on the shoot.

“It’s like a giant, fucked-up selfie,” says Martel, who wrote the video treatment with her friend Aramis Israel. “We wanted the video to be full of blog-worthy moments, but it ended up being about Miley sharing herself with her audience in a crazed way. It’s exhibitionistic, and she’s absolutely taking the piss out of being in a pop video.”

Read the Rolling Stone interview here to follow Martel taking the magazine scene-by-scene, highlighting ten of the wildest moments from the smash video, including “smoke dicks,” “sad little taxidermy dudes” and “the giant blunts on the rug.”

Miley Cyrus - We Can't Stop2

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