DANIEL KRAGH-JACOBSEN Wins Cannes Young Director Award for RHYE’s “The FALL”

27.06.2013 - Posted by : Black Dog Films

Congratulations to Daniel Kragh-Jacobsen for his win at the Cannes Lions 2013 Young Director Awards!  The Black Dog director came joint second in the European Music Video category for the first of his two music videos with the mysterious seductive r+b duo Rhye.  Beautifully shot in Daniel Kragh-Jacobsen’s native Denmark, “The Fall” is a story of a couple’s struggle with desiring different things as they move through adulthood together; a “grass is always greener” narrative told with gorgeous, subtle nuance.

Viewers received a surprising reappearance from  “The Fall” couple this year, in Daniel’s second clip for Rhye’s single “Open.” In “Open,” Daniel tells the story of a young couple on a romantic seaside getaway. Yet, the looming feeling of doubt between the characters is revealed at the video’s end, when the girl wanders off and peers into the home-lives of the familiar adult couple – Daniel’s subtle hint at the cycle that lies ahead for the young lovers.


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