MILEY CYRUS is Twerking Overtime in DIANE MARTEL’s “We Can’t Stop”

19.06.2013 - Posted by : Black Dog Films

WE CAN’T STOP…WATCHING.  Diane Martel’s video for Miley Cyrus’ summer anthem “We Can’t Stop” premiered only a few hours ago, and the internet has already dissected the wild visual opus (after scraping their jaws off the floor.)

Mashable has released  a List of 10 WTF Moments; there’s E!’s picks for 10 Mind-Blowing, Must See Moments; and Idolator has collected their choice selections for the 14 Naughtiest and Nuttiest Images from the video.  All the study is for good reason; what Miley gets up to with Martel is a complete shedding of her squeaky clean child-performer image.  Some of our personal highlights from Miley’s trippy house party: the former Disney making out with a doll in a pool, plenty of grills, french-fry skulls, massive teddy bears as backpacks, and crotch-canons.

Most shocking, though, is the former Hannah Montana star grinding seductively on all fours, and getting her twerk on in tight white leggings – the most clothing she wears throughout the clip – proving that the 20-year old Miley is, indeed, about dat life.


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