FLORIA SIGISMONDI enlists Gary Oldman and Marion Cotillard for David Bowie’s Bloody Awesome Video “The Next Day”

08.05.2013 - Posted by : Black Dog Films

The stars come out again in Floria Sigismondi’s newest video with David Bowie. “The Next Day” sees the Black Dog director staging a blood-soaked bacchanal at a brothel while a Christ-like Bowie performs on stage in priestly vestments.

Gary Oldman plays a violent clergyman dirty-dancing with a scantily clad Marion Cotillard. We see the debauchery around them through visions of religious hypocrisy and vice: nudity, prostitution, gory flagellation and disembodied eyeballs – before Marion suddenly begins to bleed from stigmata marks.  As the blood pours out of her, the less-than-pious group turns to Bowie and condemns him for the scene at hand.  The theatrical video closes with Bowie breaking through the fourth wall, giving a meta shout-out to the A-listers, “Thank you, Gary. Thank you, Marion,” before he vanishes from the biblical scene.

The feather-ruffling, sacred-gone-sinful film confirms that we never know what surprises are to come when the brilliant minds of Sigismondi and Bowie get together. A creative collaboration between the two visionaries means we can only expect one thing for sure: to be transfixed by provocative, cinematic visuals that will keep the world talking.


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