RSA and ADAM SMITH in Hot Pursuit with Jaguar’s Short Film “Desire”

04.05.2013 - Posted by : Black Dog Films

A red car, a desert, and the theme of Desire; we suggest you buckle up.

RSA Films has released Desire, the slick 12-minute short film to promote the launch of the F-Type – Jaguar’s first two-seater sports car in 50 years.  The internet has been buzzing about Desire long before its premiere last week at Sundance London.  From the time filming began, behind-the-scenes looks and clips with director Adam Smith were released online, whetting the public’s appetite to see more of the F-type in context of the dramatic narrative.

Desire is the story of dapper protagonist Sydney Clark, played by British Homeland actor Damian Lewis. Clark is a deliveryman on the job, driving the red F-type through Chile’s Atacama desert to a buyer. He finds himself in the middle of a cat-and-mouse chase after getting caught up with a mysterious woman, Melody (Shannyn Sossamon), on the run from her corrupt, gun-wielding husband (played by Spanish actor Jordi Molla.) We learn that things are not always what they seem as the noir-style story unfolds with just the right amount of drama, humor, and action. Upping the film’s star power even more is the soundtrack by Lana Del Rey, who penned the song, “Burning Desire,” specially to go with the film.

The artistic collaboration between the automaker and filmmaker transpires with a remarkably stunning and memorable film, establishing a spot for the F-type on the list of Jaguar’s iconic moments in cinema. Ian Armstrong, Jaguar’s global marketing communications director says, “We believe, alongside Ridley Scott Associates, that we have a visionary and outstanding quality filmic product, which is a great platform for our most important product launch in 50 years.”


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