BEN MOR Gives and Holographic Justin Bieber #thatPOWER

19.04.2013 - Posted by : Black Dog Films

Though we still haven’t got enough Scream and Shout, Ben Mor has teamed up with once again on their latest visual collaboration for “#thatPOWER” featuring Justin Bieber.  The video, which debuted just hours ago, features and a team of clone-like performers showing off staccato, robot-inspired moves in multiple locations around the globe. The understated, synchronized choreography is just the right amount of movement again the urban backgrounds and futuristic visuals surrounding them.

More impressive than the total air-miles the crew covers in the video is the materialization of Justin Bieber in holograph form to sing the song’s hook. Mor’s vision culminates in a final dance battle where harnesses #thatPOWER from a reworked human pyramid.  It’s the kind of epic, futuristic music video Mor and have been creating together for years, each time surprising us with something we’ve never seen – or even imagined.


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