DANIEL KRAGH-JACOBSEN and Rhye Featured in The Boston Globe

16.04.2013 - Posted by : Black Dog Films

Our own Daniel Kragh-Jacobsen is featured in this week’s Boston Globe in Luke O’Neill’s feature on Rhye, the electro-soul outfit made up of Robin Hannibal and Mike Milosh.  The article delves into the duo’s press-shy image, intentionally remaining faceless and resigning from band photographs so as not to “put too many images in the listener’s mind.” The first real visual cues the public had to associate with the musical zeitgeist were Daniel’s videos for  “Open” and “The Fall,” “two gorgeously cinematic interpretations of the songs that played a big role in both confounding, and elevating their aesthetic.”

Rhye entrusted Daniel (an old friend of Hannibal’s from their days in Copenhagen) to craft videos that wouldn’t confine the tender, orchestral music, but instead complement the complex range of emotions that run throughout the songs. Kragh-Jacobsen and Hannibal shared a mutual vision to pull the curtain back on the complexity of coupledom and show that love and sadness so often go hand in hand.  It is Daniel’s weaving of complicated, less-than-ideal relationships (that we see reappear  in the different videos) that makes the  love stories so sincere.  “For me, what’s interesting to watch, is normally not something idyllic,” Kragh-Jacobsen says. “We would rather look at someone on the street fighting than caressing and being sensitive to each other.”  “That’s something we thought was missing a lot in modern day music videos,” Hannibal says. “We wanted a story, an actual story, that had substance and content.”

While “Open” and “The Fall” inject a sadness into the songs, Hannibal lauds Daniel’s storytelling to portray the delicate beauty found in heartbreak, “I think it’s a beautiful kind of sadness. There’s still some kind of belief in love. But love isn’t all that easy, peachy, and rosy. It can be tough, and there’s agony and there’s ecstasy. Love is such a strong emotion and it has so many things in it.”


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