Too Hot for Youtube: Robin Thicke’s #BLURREDLINES by DIANE MARTEL

08.04.2013 - Posted by : Black Dog Films

Robin Thicke is bringing the fun back to r+b.  Thanks to Black Dog’s Diane Martel, the singer’s video for “Blurred Lines” is the hot topic of nearly every gossip and entertainment blog.  After premiering on YouTube last week to over a million views, it was deemed too racy and pulled from the site – and that’s not even the unrated version.

Thicke’s collaboration with Pharrell and T.I. features a bevy of nearly-nude babes parading around the superstars. Martel’s visuals are the perfect balance of silliness and sexiness for our new summer anthem. There’s lip-licking, vodka sipping, strategically placed farm animals and plenty of #THICKE hashtags to keep you tweeting like Pharrell, who questioned, “Why they trying to ban good shit?”

The playful video is still viewable on VEVO (and Diane’s reel of course), so turn up #BLURREDLINES and get your dance on.


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