FLORIA SIGISMONDI and Justin Timberlake Reflect on the Love of a Lifetime with “Mirrors”

02.04.2013 - Posted by : Black Dog Films

Justin Timberlake enlisted Floria Sigmismondi to direct the striking new video for his newest number one hit from The 20/20 Experience, so it’s no surprise that “Mirrors” is by far the most artistic video the singer has ever released.

The sensational short film is dedicated to Timberlake’s grandparents, William (who recently passed away) and Sadie Bomar, who were married for 63 years.  Sigismondi weaves an imaginative retelling of the couple’s love story through the widow’s memories of the relationship over time: the early courtship as rockabilly-era teens, the mascara-stained difficulties of marriage, the synchronicity of growing old together and, eventually, death.  The first time we see Timberlake appear on-screen is during a symbolic wedding ring exchange  near the 6-minute mark, where the crooner performs an emotional dance sequence in a hall of funhouse mirrors.

“Mirrors” is nothing less than cinematic – with Sigismondi’s heartbreakingly beautiful visuals evoking the highs and lows of a love that endured over half a century. With the perfect director to tell William and Sadie’s story, “Mirrors” shows the world a more mature, personal side to Justin Timberlake and confirms the pop world is truly his.


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