FLORIA SIGISMONDI Has Bowie and Swinton Playing House

26.02.2013 - Posted by : Black Dog Films

Floria Sigismondi has directed the just-premiered short film for David Bowie’s aptly titled “The Stars (Are Out Tonight)” and it is absolutely sensational.

The video begins with the Thin White Duke and his alien doppelganger Tilda Swinton playing an ordinary middle-aged suburban couple.  That itself is shocking, but then Sigismondi really injects the crazy.  A sexually charged famous couple, played by gender-bending supermodel Andrej Pejić and Saskia De Brauw, descend upon them and turn their idyllic, TV-dinner worlds upside down.  The celebrities are the stalkers here, menacing and puppeteering the suburbanites into madness, and it all plays out in a delightfully disturbing game of who’s-who with modern Bowie and lookalikes of his vintage personas.

Sigismondi previously worked with David Bowie on videos for Little Wonder and Dead Man Walking, and their reunion for “The Stars (Are Out Tonight)” marks the icon’s return to music after over a decade away from the spotlight. As someone who knows a thing about celebrity and alter egos, the return to form with Sigismondi’s out-of-this-world film confirms that Bowie is still the genderless – and ageless – master.

Bowie and his uncanny lookalikes show us avant-garde androgyny is back and as glamorous as ever. Let’s all cut our hair at lunch.

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