Stranger Than Fiction: Jonas Akerlund’s Feature Film SMALL APARTMENTS

20.02.2013 - Posted by : Black Dog Films

Once again, Jonas Akerlund puts us ordinary humans to shame. In the past year that he created his feature film Small Apartments, he also directed 34 commercials and 5 music videos.  Black Dog could not be prouder of the multi-tasking Super-Director and the premiere of his third feature; a black comedy with an all-star cast that includes Matt Lucas, Billy Crystal, James Caan, Johnny Knoxville, and Rebel Wilson.

In Small Apartments, Akerlund takes us into the bizarre, brightly-colored world of Franklin Franklin (Matt Lucas), a recluse who must cover-up the accidental killing of his landlord while being surrounded by his equally eccentric neighbors.  The film premiered at SXSW last Spring and was released in select theaters throughout the U.S. this month. Better yet, you can delight in the wonderful strangeness of Small Apartments from home – the film is now available on OnDemand and iTunes, and was released on DVD and Blu-Ray today!

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